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ProActive X-MASS 3000g

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Nutritional value tablefor all flavors 
active ingredients 100 g serving / serving (30 g)    
energy value / energy value 383kcal / 1602kJ 114.9 kcal / 482 kJ    
fats / fat 2.7 g 0,81g    
Including saturated fatty acids 1.8 g 0,54g    
carbohydrates / carbohydrates 69g 20,7g    
including sugars / including sugars 15g 4.5g    
Fiber / roughage 1.8 g 0,54g    
protein / protein 20g 6g    
salt / salt 0,28g 0.08    


Amino acid profile per 100 g protein / amino acid profiles per 100 g:
Alanine / Alanine    -2,07g Glycine / Glicine - 3.18g
Arginine / Arginine -3,82g Histidine / Histidine -2,18g
Aspartic acid / D-aspartic aci -3,2g Isoleucine / Isoleucine -3,9g
Cysteine ​​/ Cysteine -2,9g Leucine / Leucine -7,18g
Glutamic acid / Glutamic acid -34,23g Lysine / Lysine -1,65g
Tryptophan / Tryptophan -0,97g Tyrosine / Tyrosine -3,11g
Methionine / Methionine -1,37g Phenylalanine / Phenylalanine -5,36g
Proline / Proline -12,81g Thononine -2,69g
Serine -5,24g Walina / Valine -4,14g


Maltodextrin, dextrose, micronized, rice starch, xanthan gum, citric acid, dyes: red beet powder (for strawberry flavor), beta carotene (vanilla flavor, banana , cake), caramel powder (caramel flavor, chocolate nut), black carrot extract (vanilla-berry flavor).


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ProActive X-MASS 3000g

ProActive X-MASS 3000g